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Cotton Socks 
Good quality for work/casual wear.
Comfortable to wear all year round.
Exceptional Promo only CHF19 for 6 pairs.

Chaussettes Strategic
100% Fine mercerised Egyptian cotton, reinforced heel, hand-linked toes. 6 Pairs.
Prix: Fr. 30.00 Fr. 19.00


Polo Shirts
Polo Shirt 5389
100% Fine Egyptian cotton. Colour: Red
Prix: Fr. 30.00 Fr. 24.00
Polo Shirt 5407
100% Fine Egyptian cotton.
Collar brown, Zipper.
Stripes: brown/blue/yellow/white/orange.
Prix: Fr. 30.00 Fr. 24.00
Polo Shirt,s excellent fine cotton, keeps you fresh on hot days.  
Look Business 
Look Business 5128
100% silk tie Red/black stripes..
Prix: Fr. 20.00 Fr. 15.00
Look Business 5202
100% silk tie, navy/small squares
Prix: Fr. 20.00 Fr. 15.00
Silk ties to wear for business occasions.  
Summer Time
Summer Time 5161
100% polyester. Stripes in orange/white/black.
Prix: Fr. 15.00 Fr. 10.00
Summer Time 5155
100% Polyester tie. Honey colour.
Prix: Fr. 15.00 Fr. 10.00
In summer, bright colour silk ties are ideal.  
Travel Ties
Travel Tie 5142
100% Polyester. Stripes in Grey with white middle line, alternating with grey stripes with black middle line on green background.
Width 9 cm
Prix: Fr. 15.00 Fr. 10.00
Travel Tie 5174
100% Polyester. White stripes with maroon middle stripe alternating with two narrow maroon stripes on blue background. Width 9.5 cm
Prix: Fr. 15.00 Fr. 10.00
Valued gifts, silk ties, are appreciated.  
Exceptional Ties
Exceptional Tie 4405
100% silk. Tartan style tie in Blue/green.
Prix: Fr. 69.00 Fr. 49.00
Exceptional Tie 4703
100% Polyester. White/grey criss-cross lines on red background. Self-tipping
Prix: Fr. 15.00 Fr. 10.00
Dine out with high class silk ties.  
Office Ties
Office Tie 5481
100% Polyester. Gold stripes divided by a narrow blue stripe, on black background
Prix: Fr. 15.00 Fr. 10.00
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Office Tie 5506
100% Polyester. Grey/Black/gold stripes.
Prix: Fr. 15.00 Fr. 10.00
For the office, stripes silk ties will make you happy.  

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